Child Guard

Relax! Vanaf nu is er een water-alarm. U voorziet uw kind of huisdier van een afsluitbare vis-band die, eenmaal in contact met water, een oorverdovend alarm en lichtsignaal laat afgaan op het Child Guard by Watersport Paradisebasisstation.

- Bereik tussen basisstation en de  vis-units is 60 meter
- Geluidsalarm van ca. 100 dB
- Lichtsignaal op basisstation
- Het basisstation kan gebruikt worden in combinatie met meerdere vis-units
- 2 vis-units worden meegeleverd
- Batterij in de vis-unit heeft een   levensduur van ca. 3 jaar bij  dagelijkse test in water.
- Het basisstation wordt opgeladen met   de meegeleverde adapter

Deze set mag bij geen enkele boot of zwembad ontbreken!

CHILD GUARD is the best available ANTI DROWNING alarm system for
your children or pets should they fall into water.The unit consists of an
alarm base station and also a fashionable wrist bracelet which can be
locked onto the child´s wrist. This is a wireless system and the base unit
can be placed up to 200 feet away from where the child is playing. A loud
100 db ALARM will sound if the bracelet touches water.
Child Guard is convenient to use and easy to operate. When the base
station sounds alarm,it will flash at the same time in order to be seen
conveniently by the people whose hearing is not very good.Child Guard is
an alarm system which informs you at the first moment when your
children or pets fall into water. Child Guard is suitable in any water area,
such as seaside, river, pond, swimming pool,on boats, etc.

● The anti-drowning children’s guard H2o is fashion system to keep
   children safe from pool,pond, river and other water places. The
   Transmitter is designed as Fish watch, which can be worn and locked
   around the wrist.
● The Base Station/Receiver (beetle shape installed in house) will alarm
   when the Ttransmitter is immersed into water
● Horns voice: 100dB.
● Various colors optional, One Base Station can work with many Fish.
● Works on 9-volt rechargeable battery inside or AC adapter.
● Reset and Test button
● Dimensions (L x W x H):transmitter 235x47x13mm
  receiver 195x146x60mm

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